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Vivacious Cosmetics is a modern OEM/ODM manufacturer focus on Makeup. We are leading one of the best beauty makeup Factory.


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Beauty Makeup Factory

Quality Creates Beauty

Vavicious Cosmetics has passed authoritative certifications such as ISO 22716, GB/T19001-2016/9001:2015 and standardized good behavior. The environment of the main workshop has completely reached the 100,000-level clean standard through third-party testing, and has won the long-term trust of customers with strict product quality control.

Beauty Makeup Factory

High Standard Equipment

The introduction of precision instruments and equipment, supported by scientific and accurate data, through the computer intelligent centralized control, the whole process of data recording and monitoring, ensures that each product maintains a uniform quality.

Beauty Makeup Factory

Recipe Innovation

With continuous innovation ability and perfect R&D management system, Vivacious Cosmetics has so far completed the output of about 10,000 formula categories, and implemented about 2,000 products or categories that have been produced and marketed, truly meeting the diverse needs of customers.

Beauty Makeup Factory

Team Strength

On the basis of a deep understanding and grasp of the global color cosmetics competition, Vivacious Cosmetics has provided high-quality brand services for customers with different backgrounds, development stages and needs by virtue of years of successful brand operation.

Beauty Makeup Factory

Featured Produts

The cosmetics and beauty supply market is booming and the demand is increasing. It is particularly important to be able to work with a well-equipped and professional cosmetics products manufacturer and beauty makeup factory.

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With the primary goal of promoting the development of beauty business,

Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. will continue to create new “beauty miracles” for Cosmetics brands in every corner of the world!