Beauty and Health Balance | April New Product Interpretation From Vivacious

In today’s world where people increasingly focus on their quality of life and health, they not only pay attention to nutrition in their diet, but also strive to build a stronger physique. Mass fitness has become a trend, and when entering the gym, both men and women are in a hidden competition. Apart from physical ability and body shape, appearance cannot be neglected. The beauty economy has catalyzed the rapid growth of the sports cosmetics market. Sporty makeup that is not harmful to the skin, does not smudge, and does not fade is highly demanded by beauty-conscious athletes. How to maintain long-lasting makeup during exercise has become a functional necessity. For beauty brands, this presents a new challenge, but also provides enough market entry space and opportunities for sports makeup vertical brands.


In keeping up with the trend of sports beauty, the exploration of sports makeup has begun. The concept of sports in the makeup category has flourished. Evolife is following the trend and launching new makeup products with a sports theme. Inspired by trendy colors, the packaging has been updated to be more dynamic and colorful. The core concept of the six new products is to balance beauty and sports while protecting the skin from damage during exercise. The products embody the ideas of beauty, sports, and youth culture, allowing consumers to maintain their beauty while releasing their inner energy during exercise.

1.Zero-powder feel elastic water-based foundation.

This product is a lightweight and elastic water-based foundation that offers natural coverage to conceal blemishes and even out skin tone, while also protecting the skin from UVA and UVB damage. It features an innovative formula that includes moisturizing essence, providing the skin with ample nourishment and hydration. This foundation deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it healthy and moisturized. The quick-drying film-forming technology used in this sports makeup product effectively prevents makeup smudging and fading during intense physical activity.

Beauty and Health Balance


  • Mesh design: The fine and elastic mesh allows the puff to evenly pick up the powder;
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof:  The quick-drying film-forming agent can keep the makeup on for 8 hours even in the hot and humid weather with a mask on;
  • Lightweight and zero powder feeling: The delicate and lightweight powder can be easily applied and blended to the skin;
  • Moisturizing and nourishing:  Infused with six moisturizing ingredients, the makeup feels more hydrated and long-lasting without feeling sticky.

2.Dual-ended fine eyebrow pencil.

This double-ended fine eyebrow pencil is made with natural ingredients, has a soft texture, and is easy to apply. With just a gentle stroke, it instantly adds color and creates bold and unique eyebrow shapes. It blends naturally with the skin and glides smoothly without breaking, allowing for versatile eyebrow designs. The spiral eyebrow brush is made with a soft and moderate texture, which creates a natural and smooth eyebrow shape. It also features a rotating refill design for convenient and practical use. It is waterproof and sweatproof, ensuring the eyebrow makeup stays intact throughout the day, even during outdoor sports activities


  • Triangular-cut pencil lead for both outlining and filling;
  • Waterproof and sweat-resistant, not easy to smudge, easy to remove with makeup remover;
  • Plant-based hard wax, smooth and not easy to break, allows for repeated drawing without clumping;
  • Contains Polygonum multiflorum and ginseng root, which have hair-nourishing effects.

3.Four-color Eyeshadow Palette.

Four-color combinations easily create natural, colorful, and deep eye makeup effects. The super-smooth and sparkling colors have a crystal effect and high-level pearl luster. They shine like diamonds around the eyes. Long-lasting and quick-drying without creasing, they can be used as a single color or layered as desired. The texture is moisturizing, lightweight, and adheres well, with excellent color rendering. The makeup effect is long-lasting and not easily affected by sweat or sebum, and there is no irritation after use. It is very suitable for creating exquisite eye makeup that won’t smudge during sports.


  • Soft and adhesive texture;
  • Long-lasting and vibrant colors;
  • Smooth without fallout.

4.Fine and Long-lasting Eyeliner Pen.

The ultra-fine brush tip of this eyeliner pen allows you to create any makeup look, from delicate and precise lines to bold and dramatic cat eyes. It features an exclusive formula that is waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof. Even when sweating or wet, it will not smudge or turn into panda eyes. With a 0.1mm ultra-fine brush, the moderate elasticity of the tip helps to evenly cover dense pigments. It provides you with the best control and a smooth makeup application experience. The liquid formula is smooth and doesn’t clump, providing long-lasting wear. It can be used with different eyeshadows and is perfect for creating exquisite eye makeup looks during sports activities.


  • Precisely outline eye lines;
  • Quickly forming film without smudging.

5. Stunning Curling Mascara

Create natural and beautiful eyelashes, say goodbye to sparse eyelashes. The micro-brush can capture from the root to the tip of the eyelashes, precisely creating a dense lash look. Developed specifically for sports, it has a special anti-smudge formula that can maintain curled eyelashes for a long time. It contains plant extracts that care for the lashes and continue to nourish them.


  • Innovative 4-in-1 formula: Lengthens, curls, thickens, and sets;
  • Waterproof and sweatproof: Uses multiple film-forming technologies for 24-hour wear;
  • Dual-ended design: Comes with a specially formulated makeup remover for easy removal;
  • Nourishing formula: Contains various ingredients to nourish and improve the shine of eyelashes.

6.Airy Mist Lip Tint

Featuring light-reflecting color technology and infused with beauty and moisturizing ingredients, the Airy Mist Lip Gloss creates a rich, full, and glossy lip look. It provides long-lasting hydration and nourishment for the lips while forming a protective film to prevent dryness or smudging. The excellent color payoff showcases high-quality lip makeup, bringing lasting sweet hues to your lips.


  • Quick-drying in 10 seconds;
  • Long-lasting hold;
  • Lightweight and non-sticky.

Sports and fitness are increasingly becoming symbols of a quality lifestyle. Undeniably, the market for sports beauty products has rapidly expanded under the influence of the beauty economy and sports and fitness trends. The higher pursuit of beauty in sports and the pain points of beauty needs have evolved into new opportunities and challenges in the blue ocean market. How can vertical sports beauty brands seize the initiative? How can traditional brands keep up with the trend and not fall behind? If you want to know the answer, send emails to Vivacious Cosmetics. We will provide you with a one-stop solution for makeup products!

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