When beauty and sports collide to open up new frontiers of 'beauty consumption'

Sport for all is the hottest topic at the moment. Walk into a gym, male or female, and a secret battle is taking place. As well as the battle of physical fitness and body image, you can’t lose when it comes to looks. The quest for beauty is everywhere, and sporting social occasions are no exception. The epidemic has triggered a lot of thinking about health, which has led to a boom in “exercise for all”. In addition to the usual sports wear, recipe recommendations and sharing with trainers, there is also a lot of content on gym makeup and sports beauty tips.
It is easy to see that the beauty needs of sports people are no longer limited to the basic care level of sun protection, but have spread to skin care, make-up and other segmented and upgraded consumption. The cross-border collision of sports and beauty has triggered an extraordinary “chemical reaction”, opening the door to a new market for sports beauty. More and more beauty brands are seizing the opportunity of sports beauty to launch their products.

Beauty and Sports

Beauty x Sport
Sports and beauty share a love of life and a unique attitude to their own personalities, while fitness and beauty work together to create a sunny, vibrant, healthy and sophisticated attitude to life. Based on such commonalities, beauty and sports have launched a number of co-branding.
We can see more and more beauty and skincare brands collaborating with sports stars across borders to export the values of healthy beauty and sunshine to consumers. For example, Estee Lauder has enlisted many international sports stars as spokespersons under its banner, emphasising that the essence of beauty is not to please others, but for women to face life more confidently and positively by creating a make-up look that satisfies them.

Mascara factory Beauty and Sports

SWOT analysis of the sports beauty market

Strengths Analysis
The market for cosmetics is growing and the target group is becoming increasingly large, and sports cosmetics are unique as a branch of cosmetics. Compared to ordinary cosmetics, sports cosmetics are more targeted for the protection of sports skin and have an advantage in terms of functional effects. Many sports beauty products have technical support to provide waterproofing and hydration for sweaty, dehydrated and oily skin after exercise, and some sports beauty products have antibacterial properties. Therefore, the emergence of sports beauty is in response to consumer demand and addresses our desire for sports make-up.

Beauty and Sports

Opportunity Analysis

Perhaps because of their love of beauty, girls have always been deeply involved in the path to becoming beautiful. Internet research on women shows that the most popular topics for women are “slimming” and “beauty”. The emergence of sports cosmetics is a combination of these two key concerns, and if brands can seize the opportunity, they may be able to win more market share for themselves. According to data gathered from the cosmetics market, most cosmetics are only suitable for non-sporting conditions, with only a handful of cosmetics for sporting conditions, and there could be huge potential for the unique benefits of sports beauty.

Beauty and Sports

Although the sports beauty market is huge and has potential, there are still many problems in its development, such as the lack of product awareness, quality needs to be improved, and the core competitiveness is not strong. If brands can seize the opportunity to create beauty products dedicated to sports, sports beauty can definitely play a significant role in the development of the cosmetics market.

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