Bulk Beauty Products:

Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd is a leading cosmetics manufacturer and wholesale supply company based in China. We specialise in providing high-quality beauty products at wholesale prices to customers around the world. Our extensive product range includes makeup, skincare, haircare, and personal care products, all of which are made using only the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

At Vivacious Cosmetics, we understand that beauty product can be expensive, which is why we offer bulk beauty products at discounted prices. Our wholesale prices are significantly lower than those of retail stores, making it easier for customers to stock up on their favourite products without breaking the bank. Whether you are a makeup artist looking to build your kit, a salon owner looking to offer a wide range of products to your clients, or simply a consumer looking to save money on your favourite beauty products, Vivacious Cosmetics has something for everyone.


Our team of skilled cosmetics professionals is dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible. We use only the finest ingredients, including natural and organic ingredients where possible, to ensure that our products are both effective and gentle on the skin. We are constantly researching and developing new products and formulations to meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers.

As a cosmetics manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we have a team of experienced chemists and product developers who are dedicated to creating innovative and effective products. We are constantly researching and testing new ingredients and techniques to bring you the best products possible.

In addition to our high-quality products, we also offer excellent customer service. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the right products for your needs. We offer fast and reliable shipping to customers around the world, and we are committed to providing the best possible shopping experience. We also have a dedicated customer service team that is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you’re looking for bulk beauty products at wholesale prices, look no further than Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and affordability, we have everything you need to succeed in the beauty industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

Bulk Beauty Products

We offer a wide range of high-quality cosmetics and beauty products at competitive prices, making us the perfect choice for businesses looking to stock their shelves with affordable, top-notch products.

Our extensive selection includes everything from skincare and haircare to makeup and personal care products. We have a variety of brands to choose from, including our own in-house line of premium products that are made with the highest-quality ingredients.

One of the main benefits of shopping with Vivacious Cosmetics is our commitment to providing excellent customer service. We understand that running a business can be stressful, so we strive to make the ordering process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we offer flexible payment options to make it easy for you to get the products you need.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, we offer a number of other benefits for businesses looking to purchase bulk beauty products. We have no minimum order requirement, so you can order as little or as much as you need. We also offer fast shipping, with most orders being delivered within just a few days.

With Vivacious Cosmetics, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large retailer, we have something to meet your needs. So if you’re looking to stock up on bulk beauty products at wholesale prices.

Bulk Beauty Products

Vivacious Cosmetics is the perfect destination for anyone looking for bulk beauty products at wholesale prices. We offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, and our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality products. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or simply someone looking to save money on your favourite beauty products, we have something for everyone.

What is bulk beauty products?

Bulk beauty products refer to cosmetic items purchased or manufactured in large quantities, which typically means buying or producing goods at a scale that goes beyond the retail or small-batch level. In the context of a beauty factory or manufacturing, this could mean producing large quantities of a product for the purposes of wholesale distribution.

Businesses often buy bulk beauty products for several reasons:

Cost Savings: Buying or manufacturing in bulk usually reduces the cost per unit, making it an economically efficient option for businesses looking to maximize their profit margins.

Private Label: Salons, spas, or retailers may purchase bulk products to sell under their own brand name, a strategy known as private labeling.

Consistency: Consistent quality across large production runs is important for brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Bulk manufacturing helps maintain this consistency.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Having a large inventory on hand can lead to fewer out-of-stock situations and can simplify logistics and supply chain management.

Custom Orders: Some businesses may need a large volume of a customized product that isn’t readily available on the market, such as a special formulation or a unique packaging solution.

where to buy bulk beauty products

Purchasing bulk beauty products can be done through several channels, depending on your business needs and the type of products you’re looking for. Here are some places where you can buy bulk beauty products:

Manufacturers and Suppliers: Partnering directly with a manufacturer is the most common way to purchase bulk beauty products. Manufacturers can provide the best prices, and you may have options to customize your order to your specifications.

Wholesalers and Distributors: These entities specialize in selling large quantities of products, often from various brands or manufacturers. Buying from wholesalers can be convenient and may provide you with a diversity of products from different brands.

Online B2B Marketplaces: Websites like Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, and others connect buyers with manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. These platforms can be particularly useful for sourcing bulk products internationally.

Trade Shows and Expos: Beauty trade shows such as Cosmoprof, Intercharm, and Beautyworld are excellent places to find suppliers and make connections for bulk purchasing.

Private Label Companies: Companies that offer private labeling allow you to put your own branding on pre-formulated products. They typically deal in bulk quantities.

Industry-Specific Portals or Online Wholesalers: There are online portals dedicated to the beauty industry, such as Beauty Wholesale or SalonCentric, which cater to beauty retailers, salon owners, and professional beauty buyers.

Local Distributors: Depending on where you’re located, there might be local distributors that can provide bulk beauty products. This option might mean faster shipping and easier communication.

Bulk Beauty Products FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about buying bulk beauty products, which can help provide clarity if you’re considering a large-scale purchase.

  1. What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ) for bulk beauty products?

The minimum order quantity varies by supplier and product. Some manufacturers may require a few hundred units, while others might need thousands or more to proceed with production.

  1. Can I get samples before placing a bulk order?

Most suppliers and manufacturers offer samples before you commit to a large order. There may be a cost for these samples, but it’s often a worthwhile investment to ensure product quality.

  1. How do I ensure the quality of the products?

Research the supplier’s certifications and reviews. You can also request third-party quality testing or visit the manufacturing site if possible. Consistent communication with the supplier helps in monitoring quality standards.

  1. What are the typical lead times for bulk beauty products?

Lead times can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the product, customization requirements, and the manufacturer’s production schedule.

  1. Is there an option for customization of bulk beauty products?

Many suppliers offer customization options for bulk orders, including formulation tweaks, scents, colors, and packaging.

  1. What kind of regulations should I be aware of when buying bulk beauty products?

Regulations vary by region but may include adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), safety assessments, labeling requirements, and import/export compliance.

  1. How are bulk beauty products shipped?

Shipping options depend on the supplier and the terms of the purchase. Common methods include sea freight for international orders, which is more cost-effective for large volumes, and air freight for faster delivery which can be more expensive.

  1. Can I have an exclusive agreement with a supplier for bulk beauty products?

Some suppliers may be willing to enter into an exclusive agreement if your order volume justifies it, which can provide you with market advantages.

  1. How do payment terms work with bulk purchases?

Typically, a deposit is paid upfront, with the remainder due upon completion of the order. Payment terms should be clearly discussed and agreed upon before any transaction.

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