As the festive season is drawing near you must be trying to find ways to make yourself look more beautiful. You might desire that people notice your eyes before anything else. If you have such a desire then you need to use eye shadows made by us at Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. at our eye shadow factory. One of the reasons for our excellence is that our experienced engineers have successfully launched nearly 10,000 mature product formulas at our independent research and development laboratory of 1,000 square meters.

So, let us have a look at the trends that you can follow while applying eye shadow.

Artsy Painterly

If you desire to have an out-of-the-world look that can make you think of summers and tasteful gelatos then it is ideal to paint a storm and an artful painterly is the ideal trend. It is quite easy to do such. You just require to dip your fingers in the hues of the eye shadow that you love and drab away.

eye shadow factory

Glitter Chromes 

The coming festive season is all about reaching the stars. It would be possible if you have a glittery eye. You can easily amp up the look by having glittered lips and well-contoured checks. To have a natural look, you can swipe a natural shadow and top that up with a sparse and glittery monochrome pastel colour.

Pretty in purple 

If you are dressing up for a date night and are romantic, you can use soft tones of pink and purple which are feminine in tone and match well with an airy tulle skirt and satin dress. It is possible to wear this eye makeup in varied ways and that is the most unique part of this trend. If you desire to add a bit more dimension, you can add a small amount of lavender to your lips and blend that with a darker shade of violet.


Sparkly rhinestone

Is it that you desire to have a bling in your life? If it is such then you can bring back the style of the 70s, using a metallic eye shadow which you top up with decadent crystals. You can easily combine the look with a muted lip and just a shade of highlighter and have a dazzling entry to any occasion. We suggest that you can use sparkly red eye shadow and use lash glue to make the crystals stay in place.

So, you now know some of the eye shadow trends that you can follow in the coming festive season. Adhering to a scientific and rigorous attitude and scientific technology to achieve the rapid development of Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. we have become a leading technology innovation-driven colour cosmetics R&D and manufacturing enterprise in China. Our brand reputation has a worldwide presence and that has helped us to achieve various corporate accolades. So, have eye shadows made by us and have a try at these trends.

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