If you decide to have the best beauty supply you need to be with a reputed beauty makeup factory. If you search in China, you will be able to locate many such organizations having their factory; however, it is not wise to depend on all of those. We at Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. are one such reputed beauty makeup factory that you can depend on to have a supply of the best beauty products.

It is not that we say that we are the one you can trust on. It is our previous clients who say so and the factors that we detail below will reflect why we are a dependable beauty makeup factory.

The infrastructure we have

Our beauty makeup factory covers an area of 60,000 square meters. It is an up-to-date large-scale high-tech OEM/ODM processing industrial company. It has colour cosmetics research and development, production and processing, technical services, and marketing planning. If you have a look at the achievement of our experienced engineers you will notice that they have successfully launched about 10,000 mature product formulas.


The vision that we try to achieve 

It is a continuous endeavour that we adhere to the recent market trends and produce beauty products as per client demand. Our foundation is product quality and we always try to be in line with the developing trend of international colour cosmetics. We successfully cater our production and processing services to nearly 100 partners and have successfully promoted our brand in domestic and foreign markets. 

We produce quality products 

We try to manufacture only quality beauty products and have passed authoritative certifications such as ISO 22716, GB/T19001-2016/9001:2015 and standardized good behaviour. We have also reached the 100,000-level clean standard through third-party testing. So, you can easily understand that we only manufacture quality products. It is for sure that the beauty supply that you have from us will be of quality and will help you to look gorgeous without any damage to your skin or eyes.

Use of the best equipment 

The use of modern computer-guided equipment helps us to maintain the ideal quality required for beauty products. It is also possible for us to maintain a quality level as it is possible for us to collect scientific and accurate data due to the use of computer-guided precise instruments.  

beauty product

Continuous research and development 

We have a well-maintained and devoted R&D management system. Due to such a system, we are able to have completed the output of about 10,000 formulas and have made it possible to market 2,000 products. Our products truly meet the varied requirements of our customers.

Team strength 

Our team has the ability to understand the global colour cosmetic competition and try their level best to offer high-quality brand services.

All these above qualities have made us a leading technology innovation-driven colour cosmetics company in China. Though we are located in China, we have a client base all over the world and cater to their requirements successfully.

We hope to talk with you when you desire to have a quality beauty supply

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