Lesser-Known Perfumes FAQs

Where can I find information about niche or specific numbered perfumes?

For niche or specific numbered perfumes like what “62” might imply, the best sources of information are:

The perfumer’s or brand’s official website.

Fragrance forums such as Basenotes, Fragrantica, or the Perfume subreddit, where enthusiasts and reviewers share insights.

Specialty boutique stores that carry a broad range of niche fragrances often have knowledgeable staff who can provide detailed information and history about lesser-known perfumes.


How can I sample niche or lesser-known perfumes?

Sampling is crucial for niche fragrances, especially when information is scarce. Consider these options:

Order samples directly from the brand’s website if available.

Visit specialty fragrance stores or boutiques that offer a wide selection of niche perfumes.

Look for decant websites or services that offer smaller quantities of authentic fragrances for trial purposes.


What should I consider when buying a lesser-known perfume?

Authenticity: Ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable source to avoid counterfeit products.

Scent Profile: Research the notes and olfactory family to get an idea of what the perfume smells like, especially if you cannot sample it firsthand.

Reviews: Look for reviews or feedback from individuals who have experienced the fragrance, noting that personal taste in fragrance can be very subjective.


Can niche perfumes be more expensive?

Niche perfumes can be more expensive than mainstream fragrances due to their unique scents, higher quality or rare ingredients, limited production, and often, more luxurious packaging. However, many enthusiasts find their distinctive character and the emotional connection they provide to be well worth the investment.


Are niche or numbered perfumes suitable for daily wear?

Much like any other fragrance, the suitability of niche or numbered perfumes for daily wear depends on personal preference, the nature of one’s everyday environment, and the specific character of the perfume. Some may find these unique scents to be perfect signature fragrances, while others may reserve them for special occasions.


How do I properly store niche perfumes?

Storing niche perfumes is similar to preserving any fine fragrance. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain their integrity and longevity. Avoid storing them in bathrooms where humidity and temperature fluctuations are common.

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