A new collection in a new chapter, starting a new generation of emotional make-up

Essence make-up base

In the post-epidemic era, people’s emotions are sensitive and fragile, and like skin, they need attentive care and self-healing to relieve their inner anxiety and anxiety. Today, young people are not only looking for functional results but are also becoming more and more aware of the emotional experience that comes with the process of beauty and skincare. The emotional value of using them is becoming increasingly important.

Dressing up beautifully is now an important part of people’s daily lives, and everyone expects a boost to their emotional well-being in the process of applying make-up. This is why the new Vivacious Emotions make-up range is a surprise addition. The new Echo Mood range is a new way to bring emotion to your make-up and to awaken a good mood every day.

1. Soothing essence lotion

A multi-tasking lotion that feels like a cloud of lightness and comfort. The skin is treated to a spa-like experience with the delightful beauty ingredients of natural extracts. The rich molecules of water are evenly distributed on the skin’s surface, soothing and calming the delicate skin. It prepares the skin for makeup application without caking. Hydrates and repairs delicate skin, leaving it as fresh as a rose in the morning and glowing pink from the inside out, for long-lasting health and beauty.

Vivacious clary sage

2、Essence make-up base

A silky, hydrating texture that melts into the skin and leaves it feeling clean and beautiful to the touch. Instantly evens and brightens skin tone, corrects minor imperfections and leaves skin looking pink and luminous for a beautiful, natural look. Blocks out UV rays and outdoor pollution, creating a 3D skin shield. It is light and airy on the face, leaving the skin free to breathe and easily regulating the skin’s oil and water balance for a hydrated and clear finish. It is perfect for outdoor activities and indoor work, and it is a perfect match for your skin and gives a clear and comfortable finish.

Vivacious clary sage

3、Essence Colour Changing Lipstick

A two-in-one lip balm and lipstick that both moisturises dry lips, smoothes out lip lines and leaves lips moisturised and translucent. The geranium essential oil compounded with neroli essential oil can quickly replenish the lips with nutrients, making them hydrated and full, and for a minute quickly brightening them with vibrant colour. The essential oil colour changing lipstick also changes colour according to body temperature, lip moisture, application time, pH level and your mood. The clear, high shimmer, crystal-clear film that changes with the light, adheres lightly to the lips and does not slip or spill, making the lips the highlight of the party.

New Generation Make-up
Creating products with an innovative spirit to bring pleasure to the mood of make-up. A collection of new products that are created with the innovative idea of what consumers want, as a mood maker. A new era of mood make-up is being created by making it possible for people to reap the simple, accessible and easy pleasures of everyday life through the small items on their dressing table.

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