New Makeup Products 2023 Spring From Vivacious Cosmetics

Vivacious Spring 2023 makeup new products are available as promised! This spring creates a collection of new makeup products with a bright and fresh colour palette. Inspired by the colours of the plants that grow in spring, the unique colours of the plants are incorporated into the make-up. The colours are created to give the whole look a softer and more subtle look. Vibrant, natural and unique.

This spring, the Vivacious Spring collection features five stunning groups of products that are ready to be used to create a high level of beauty. Give 2023 a stunning start!

1、Flower Blush Loose Powder

This new blush loose powder will allow the most natural colour to be reflected on the cheeks. It gives the skin a natural sheer and luminous look from the inside out. A variety of lightly blended colours that blend naturally into the skin. Slowly penetrates the shine, giving a natural flush and definition. One swipe creates a spring-like look on the cheeks. With its blending effect, it gives cheeks a pinkish glow from the inside out.

2、Matte Flawless Long Lasting Air Cushion

The matte flawless long-lasting air cushion has a fine and clear powder, which can quickly form a film after makeup is applied. It blends with the skin’s surface sebum and sticks makeup for a long time, so that the makeup always presents a pearl-like delicacy and high-end feeling. Smooth blemishes with high coverage, creating a flawless and soft matte skin. 24-hour makeup protection, easy to complete daily commuting makeup or textured party makeup. Outline the outline of exquisite details, and the neat one-button opening and closing design makes it easy to achieve delicate makeup anytime, anywhere. With the newly upgraded memory rebound air cushion puff, it can perfectly fit the details of the eyes, nose and lips. Lightweight and portable, it can maintain the delicate state of the skin for a long time, and make the skin appear natural radiance all the time.

New Makeup Products 2023

3、Two-tone Twinkle Eye Stick

Our Two-tone Twinkle Eye Stick have soft and smooth texture, high pigmented, which can brighten your eyes makeup and increase the stereo feeling of your eyes. Waterproof and sweatproof, not easy to get dirty. Its makeup effect is natural, create different styles of makeup, make your look flawless and fashion. It’s dazzling like the sunshine!  Sophisticated white gold base shadow.  Recommended for real pearl and natural tear bag makeup. Light beige gold shadow.  Shimmer pearl shadow where you can see gold pearls and silver pearls depending on the angle. Equiped with Two-tone Twinkle Eye Stick, now you can easily create your lovely aegyo-sal, super lovely and youthful eyes.

4、Water-based eyebrow tint

Using an innovative hydrogel film-forming complex formula, coupled with super-pigmented pigments. The texture is light and not easy to agglomerate, and can tightly cover small eyebrows. While adjusting the overall eyebrows, it creates a full and three-dimensional effect, making the eyebrows more natural and full. Create a clear and even eyebrow texture, and reshape the full and three-dimensional beautiful eyebrow shape. It can cover the color of the eyebrow itself and dye it into a low-saturation color. Adds color to brows for a more lively and vibrant look. You can also use the eyebrow cream to adjust the eyebrows to the same color as the eye shadow. Let the overall makeup become as soft as the warm spring sunshine.

5、Translucent Plumping Lip Gloss

Enriched with a high concentration of hydrating agents, this lip gloss has superb shine and sparkle, giving you a diamond-like shine that will keep your lips moisturised and translucent all day long. The shade is natural and gentle, and can easily be matched with a variety of metrosexual spring looks. The hydrating and creamy texture is silky and light without being sticky. At the same time, the carefully added moisturising ingredients work as a beauty serum to give lips a sense of blood colour and a healthy shine.

Unlike previous years’ collections, the Vivacious Spring collection is a blend of springtime pastel shades and associated pearlescent elements such as sunlight and sunset. The new Spring collection is a lively and luminous way to look good all spring long! A subtle difference that helps you to encounter your unknown self.

For more bespoke make-up launches at Vivacious Cosmetics, feel free to contact us!

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