New products in March: fully cover the increasing demand for precise makeup

The advanced breakthrough of new consumerism has disrupted the traditional makeup model, and segmented demands and tailored makeup products based on skin types have become the darlings of the global makeup industry and market. In the past year, the demand for finely tuned skin quality in the makeup market has become increasingly evident, and some brands have captured this trend by transforming it into a series of segmented product functions, providing more precise makeup solutions through the medium of makeup.

Vivacious cosmetics has iterated many functions around the usage habits and advanced needs of makeup consumers, even for partial makeup. Upgrades have been made in various aspects, such as texture innovation, segmented usage scenarios, skin-friendly formulas, and convenient use, etc.

The velvety smooth Mineral Fusion eyeliner pencil glides on so effortlessly, making you a smoky eye master in no time. Line, define, and showcase those eyes with ease. Available in black, brown, and grey shades for you to choose from. It’s safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, and can be easily applied on the upper or lower lash line for instant color, enhancing and beautifully defining your eyes.


The upgraded formula has been specially enriched with skincare ingredients, allowing for smoother and more lustrous lines. It won’t tug at the delicate skin around the eyes, providing gentle care while enhancing your eye makeup.

2. Volumizing Nourishing Mascara

This mascara meets all the requirements for thick, long, and curly lashes. With its slim brush head and comfortable touch, it instantly unlocks voluminous and curled lashes. The formula is enriched with a variety of plant extracts, nurturing each lash to achieve naturally long and beautiful lashes. It adds a dynamic amplification to your eyes, giving you a captivating and charming gaze.


This mascara is infused with plant extract essence oils, providing nourishment and care for your lashes. It helps you achieve any desired lash style!

3. Four Colour Concealer Palette

This four-color palette satisfies basic contouring, concealing, and highlighting needs. The concealer shades are specially adjusted to target different skin issues in specific areas, effectively solving localized skin flaws.

Moreover, this concealer is infused with nourishing and moisturizing skincare ingredients, providing your skin with nutrients and hydration. In addition to concealing blemishes such as dark circles, it also gently cares for the delicate skin around the eyes, making it firmer and more elastic. You don’t have to worry about cakey makeup and it can even hide fine lines around the eyes.

4. Liquid Eyeshadow

Bring your eyes to life with a dazzling pearlescent finish. These eyeshadows come in fine pearl or glitter, and can be customized in many dream colours.  These eyeshadows are available in many custom shades to match different styles. The soft brush head allows for easy dipping and natural blending, giving the eyes a layered, 3D lustrous finish.


The product is rich in essential ingredients that can to some extent nourish the eyelids and achieve a moisturizing effect. Additionally, it can also incorporate some skincare or repair ingredients as needed, improving the user experience for sensitive skin types.

5. Liquid highlights

Naturally brighten areas such as cheekbones, nose bridge, or chin. With just a touch of brightening, create a vibrant and radiant pink glow, giving your skin a rosy complexion. Suitable for both face and body. Infused with moisturizing factors, it not only brightens but also hydrates your skin! It can effectively regulate and soften your skin, helping to nourish and balance oil secretion.


Conceals pore texture while giving the skin a light and radiant glow. It provides an addictive luminosity and moisture to the skin. Can be used alone or layered over foundation as the final touch to your makeup look.

The global cosmetics industry is constantly evolving. Brands are still trying to expand their business, restructure their operations, open up new markets, and introduce new ideas. As consumers become increasingly rational, makeup brands need to have a keen sense of trend and take decisive action to seize opportunities in order to occupy a place in the market. This is the only way to accumulate energy for the future development of the brand and even the enterprise.

Tracking global new product trends, Vivacious cosmetics will continue to provide comprehensive makeup solutions that cater to the market and provide solutions for the future of makeup.

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