Eye Shadow Factory – Glitter Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is a make-up cosmetic applied to the eyelids and corners of the eyes to create shadows and tonal contrasts, revealing a three-dimensional aesthetic, enhancing the eyes and making them look beautiful. The right amount of glitter eyeshadow can make your eyes look more radiant. It gives a natural look to the whole make-up and has the meaning of a finishing touch. And when applying certain special make-up, a lot of eyeshadow is used to emphasise the whole eye look. It draws people’s attention to the eyes. When applying make-up for everyday life, try to choose colours that you like and that match the colour of your lipstick and outfit. A relatively natural and comfortable eye make-up look will help you face work and life with more confidence.

The structure of the eye shadow formula is approximately the same as that of a foundation. The difference with foundation and powder products is that glitter eye shadows are more colourful and often have additional effects such as shimmer, so there is a wider range and variety of colouring and pearlescent pigments to choose from. In addition, as the skin around the eyes is more delicate, the colourants used must be non-irritating. Commercially available eye shadows are often combined with inorganic and organic pigments, pearlescent pigments and brighteners to create a wide range of colourful products.

Eye shadows are available in powder, stick, cream, lotion and pencil shapes. There is a wide range of colours, including warm, cool and uncoloured tones. Generally speaking, the primary purpose of eye shadow is to give the eye a sense of dimension and to give it a more intense look through colour.

Eye shadows can be divided into three types: matte shadow colours, highlighting and accentuating colours. Shadow colours are astringent colours that are applied to areas where you wish to be concave or appear narrow where there should be shadow. These colours generally include dark grey and dark brown. Highlight colours are applied to areas where you want to appear high and wide. Accentuating colours are generally whitish and include beige, off-white, white and pale pink with pearlescence. Accent colours can be any colour and their true mission is to clearly express the focus of the look and draw attention to it. When choosing an accent colour, consider your outfit and lip colour to coordinate with it. Blues, browns and greys, for example, tend to give a pretty and chic look; peach adds a flirty and feminine flair; violet gives a sophisticated appeal; and metallic colours are generally used on stage.

The shades of glitter eye shadow change according to fashionable shades, their colours and styles are trendy and should match the individual’s skin tone, clothing, different seasons and occasions.

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