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Mascara is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelashes and belongs to the category of make-up cosmetics. Its main purpose is to colour the eyelashes, make them look thick and long, curl them, etc., and give them a neat and beautiful shape to enhance the appeal of the eyes. Commonly available mascaras are automatic containers with a small brush and a small thin wand containing a cream or liquid product inside. Mascara is used to give an overall lift, and thick, three-dimensional lashes make the eyes appear clearer and more luminous.

Before the 1950s, mascara was actually a thick liquid mascara that was difficult to apply and tended to fall off. After the 1950s, advanced chemical technology made mascara easier to apply and more effective over time. In the 1970s, oil-based mascaras were introduced to overcome the problem of colour-fall.
It was after 1990 that mascara really became a universal cosmetic product. After the 2000s, mascara became a popular cosmetic product for women around the world, thanks to breakthroughs in waterproofing and make-up removal technology. Modern mascaras are generally divided into two categories: Waterproof and Water-resistant.

1. Waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascaras are mainly wax-based, with pigments dispersed in a system containing volatile branched chain hydrocarbons, volatile polydimethylsiloxane, etc. They require an oil-based remover for removal.

2. Water-resistant mascara
Mainly stearic acid or oleic acid triethanolamine, soap-based systems, these formulations are water-resistant, feel soft on the lashes, are easy to remove and have less potential to cause irritating effects on the eyes. Make-up can be removed by washing with water, or by using a normal cleanser.

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In recent years, modern anhydrous gel-based formulations have clearly replaced waterproof emulsion formulations. A third category of formulations is proposed: waterproof-washable mascras or thermosensitive mascras. Using a film-forming agent that is soluble in warm water, they are superior to modified water-resistant mascaras and, unlike waterproof mascara, can be removed with water and, if required, can be washed off with a normal cleanser without the need for an oil-based make-up remover.

A good quality mascara should be: even and fine, with a medium consistency, easy to apply on the lashes and adheres evenly to them. The lashes do not harden, but still have a curling effect. Does not stick to the lower eyelid when dry, and is not afraid to get wet from sweat, tears or rain. It has a firm adhesion and is easy to remove.