You must have heard the saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. However, at times your eyes require some help to look gorgeous. That is where the mascara comes into play. We at Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. a reputed mascara factory take utmost care to manufacture our products including mascara so that you can put forward your gorgeous self.

It is impossible to complete eye makeup without the use of mascara. It can make a huge difference with minimum effort from your side. It may seem that it is the most basic product in your makeup kit; however, you cannot avoid noticing the significance of mascara. There are a few interesting facts about mascara that is good to know. We have compiled a few of those.

Use the wand 

It is wise to use the wand that comes with the mascara. Even if the mascara has crossed its expiry date or you have used the entire mascara it is wise to save the wand. You can use that to brush your eyebrows and have a groomed, fluffy look. It is an ideal tool to tame baby hair. You can keep baby hair in place and make them have a slick finish and help them to have stylish hair. 

Mascara factory

Good things do come to an end

It is not that you can use the mascara that you have from us as long as you desire. There is an expiration date and you need to use it within that date. If you use it after that date, there can be complications like infections and harm to the lush eyelashes which we definitely desire to have. 

Always remove it after the show 

If you speak with a beautician, you will notice that they advise you to remove the mascara after the show and before you hit the bed. If you do not do such it is possible that you will have dry eyelashes as mascara leads to dryness. You need to use a quality cleansing solution so that in a single stroke you can remove your makeup.  

It is not full-proof waterproof 

We agree that you need to use waterproof mascara, especially during summer or rainy season, so, that you can avoid smudging. However, we advise, that it is not proper to use it daily. Waterproof mascara will stay longer than the other variety; however, that has a disadvantage. The continuous tugging of the eyelashes can make the eyelashes weaker and make them fall. So, you can use waterproof mascara when required, however, not daily.


Balance it perfectly 

As we know you are a valued client of ours, we will let you know a secret. If you desire to apply mascara such that it does not smudge, it is wise to keep your mouth open when applying. We know it is an instinct to keep your mouth open while applying mascara, till now you did it without knowing the advantage now, do it as you know the benefit. The reason to keep your mouth open is that doing it will be harder to blink and you can easily apply the mascara.

Seal the deal 

After you have put much effort to apply mascara, it becomes difficult to notice if it is smudging. So, coat it with clear mascara. It will help to solidify the lashes and prevent smudging.

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