Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

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With the advancement of women’s sense of independence, women no longer express themselves by being strong on the outside. A strong inner self is enough to allow women to cope with life with ease and comfort. In 2022 with makeup trends, eco-friendly, free, and rustic styles are back in vogue. Strong make-up is replaced by a new rustic look, with beauty to counteract stress. Getting away from bondage and soothing has become the new makeup trend.

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

From Strong To Gentle

Over the past 20 years, women who want to assert their independent will have cut off gentleness from independence, and strong, intense make-up trends has been equated with strong women. But can we really not be gentle and strong at the same time? With an epidemic, stress and bondage adding to the pressure, the popularity of Cottage core is a testament to the changing perception of beauty: from strong to gentle.

Cottage core was a frequent feature of the Spring/Summer 2022 makeup trends collection. It is clear that this sudden global epidemic has given us another ‘reductive’ reflection on our lives.

In the Spring/Summer 2022 show makeup looks, you will intuitively feel the makeup styles changing, with some gentle and powerful details that draw the focus for the new season.

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

1.Pink eye and lip

Rachel Comey’s Spring/Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week look

Makeup focus: pink lips Peachy eyes

The pink shade wraps around the eye in a free form, without going overboard with the detailing, just a slight smudge at the edge of the application for a casual spring look. The matching lip is a soft pink lip that doesn’t overpower, but fits the overall look.

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

2. Unfinished eye makeup

Spring/Summer 2022 Milan Fashion Week Max Mara show makeup

Makeup focus: delicate lip colour and faint eye make-up

In a Cottage core Style, it is important to create a single focal point. The unfinished eye looks like it is not overdone but actually gives way to a visual focus for the lips. A delicate, pouty lip adds a youthful touch and is complemented by a silk hair accessory.

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

3.thick coloured lashes

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 Knwls look

Makeup focus: coloured lashes and sequins

The coloured lash trend continues into 2022, whether it’s purple, green, yellow or blue, it’s a great accompaniment to a Cottage core Style. Thin, thick upper and lower lashes can replace the visual texture of eyeshadow, and fine glitter can be used to enhance the look in the sun.

Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

4.Mix and match colour makeup

Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2022 New York Fashion Week Look

Makeup focus: Spring colours in a delicate mix

Spring’s idyllic reminiscent of fruits and flowers, transformed into orange and pink colour elements, combined with the shimmering seriousness of the sun as it wraps around the eyes, the delicate mix of colours brings an artistic vision, flamboyant enough and relaxing enough.

The epidemic has changed our lives dramatically: homes are isolated and lives are restricted. People began to realise how hard and deliberate they had been. People are beginning to slow down and notice the preciousness of the simplest things – sunlight, earth, greenery and flowers.
Instead of the glamorous make-up of the past, everything becomes more comfortable, and the warmth and high quality of Toning is more feminine and gentle. The power of gentleness is never slow, but its inner strength is never negligible and soothes the heart.

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