White Label

White label production

Easy to start your own makeup logo.

White label products are products that are uniformly produced by the manufacturer and then labelled with the brand’s logo. Much time and money can be saved.

Unlike OEM contract production, which requires a lot of custom design and development, our private label production line is a quite standard process. For example, you can pick from over 200 colors of our high quality eyeshadows and various types of palettes to build up your own eyeshadow palette. The palette will be custom designed and printed as your request. The whole process could be as fast as ONE-TWO weeks.

For this cooperation of white label production, MOQ is less than 1000pcs, you can easy to start your own makeup logo easily!

White Label product

White label manufacturing process

White Label
Step 1: Try samples

Formulas and packaging for a makeup goods are very important for a new brand. Trying samples will help you decide which one is the best selection.

White Label
Step 2: Pick color & package

Selecting colors from our high quality eyeshadows and pick the right palettes for your makeup brand. We can discuss the color scheme with you.

White Label
Step 3: Submit design

Our design team will work together with you to finalize your bespoke design for your packaging. Prototyping is optional to choose.

White Label
Step 4: Production & delivery

After confirming the design, we will take the remaining role, to finish the production and delivery. Good quality control is promised.


Small orders are difficult to produce

Small orders can be made in small quantities, and even small orders can enjoy the treatment of a large factory, with guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

Quality varies

Professional production base, strict control of product production quality, at any time to replenish the goods.

New products directly labeled

New products can be directly branded to meet your needs for new replenishment at any time.

Inventory pressure is high

We have enough raw materials to start production at any time, and we can process the plates quickly. Be a supplier who is always there for you.

Rush orders

International professional production line, urgent orders, large orders 10-15 days shipping. Solve your urgent needs!

With a global supply chain planning and operation, we provide customised solutions for brands to provide the best service to our customers in the quickest, most correct and least costly way.