Wholesale Beauty Products

Established in 2015, Vivacious Cosmetics Co. Ltd. is a Cosmetic supplier specialising in the production of cosmetics, cosmetics factory, wholesale cosmetics, Cosmetics supplies. as a leading with a 60,000 sqm GMP standard factory.

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Wholesale Beauty Products - Wholesale Cosmetics factory

Vivacious Comsetics Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hongkong Rongtong Global Group. Rongtng Global Group’s industries include: Guangzhou Vivacious Co.Ltd. Guangzhou Zuofun Cosmetics Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Zoom-i Cosmetics Co.Ltd. Yahuang Creative Park Property Management Company and Jiahuan Biotechnology Industrial Park Property Management Co.Ltd.

Vivacious Cosmetics, keeping pace with the times, focuses on the cosmetics industry. In addition to bulk production, private label production, we are also selling our wholesale cosmetics and wholesale beauty products with our brand Vivacious! Please click to Alibaba to buy our products directly!

Wholesale Beauty Products